Filmora is a very good video editing software, which is used by a lot of professional people to edit their videos. But this software provides very few features in its free version and for other good features, you have to buy its pro version. But some people do not have enough money to buy the software’s features. So in this blog, you will know how to find Wondershare Filmora 9 Crack Download and run all its pro versions for free.

Disclaimer – This blog is for educational purposes, please don’t use this education in the wrong way.

Installing Touch VPN

So we will need a VPN extension to access the website from which we will download the crack version of the Filmora because that website is banned in many countries, that’s why you cannot access it without a VPN. But it is a safe website so you can trust it…

We will use Touch VPN to access the website because it is Easy to Use and also the best VPN extension. But if you don’t want to use a touch VPN then you can use any other VPN as per your wish. In our case we are using Touch VPN, so to install it follow the steps given below:-

Step1 – First, you have to go to your browser and search ( Touch VPN extension ). If you have a chrome browser, then the first link will be for you but if you have some other browser, then you have to write its name with touch VPN.

Step2 – When you go on the page of touch VPN’s extension, you have to click on the add button there and it will be added to your browser.

Step3 – Now your touch VPN will be visible in your browser’s toolbar, you can use it by pressing its icon. But our work is not over yet, we have to download a software also so that we can install Filmora through it.

Installing Utorrent

What is Utorrent – Utorrent is software that is used to download very large files or torrent files in a file-sharing environment. It is a very tiny Client of BitTorrent developed and owned by Rainberry, Inc. It is the most used file downloading software with over 150 million users. Utorrent is fully made in C++

Step1 – To install Utorrent, first of all, search it and open the first website in its search results. That website is the official website of Utorrent.

Step2 – Now there you can see a button called free download, press it, and download the installer file of Utorrent.

Step3 – After downloading the setup file, you have to open it and install the software as we do…

  • Click on the Next button twice, after that whatever software it asks to download, you have to click on the decline option or else it will download the unnecessary software in your system that you do not need.
  • Now you just have to install Utorrent, after that you can run it on your browser also…

Wondershare Filmora 9 Crack Download

We have set up everything, now we have to download the crack version of Filmora for which we will go to a website named by starting Touch VPN first.

This is a very popular website from which you can download pirated movies, and crack versions of any software and games. There is a ban on downloading pirated things in many countries, so if you download something pirated from any website, then you should do it very carefully.

Now you can see another link at the bottom of that website in the name of You can search for Filmora 9 once you get on that website…

After searching Filmora 9, you have to go to the first link in the search results as you can see in the image given below.

After clicking on that link you will get two options named Magnet Download and Torrent Download. You have to click on magnet download, then a pop-up window will come in which ( open Utorrent web ) will be written. You just have to press it and it will be redirected to the Utorrent download page.

After coming to that page, you will be asked to start the download, so you have to click on the add button and your downloading will get started.

As you can see that our Filmora is being downloaded, when your Filmora is downloaded, then you have to install Filmora by opening its setup file and completing its installation process.

You can see in the image below that Filmora software has been downloaded and we can run it. So you can now use Filmora’s pro features for free, but keep in mind that you will not be able to use a few effects due to some software issues.

Note – You have to turn off your internet before you can play the crack version of Filmora 9. You can’t open Filmora while the internet is on…

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