When others are using your wifi without your permission and you want to close or reduce the speed of their wifi without telling it, then there is a solution for that. There is a tool that allows you to control the internet speed of people connected to your wifi without taking any access. The name of that tool is Evillimiter.

Disclaimer – This blog is for educational purposes, please don’t use this education in the wrong way.

How to Install and Configure Evillimiter?

Note – This blog shows you how to use the Evillimiter tool only in Linux…

To know how to install the evillimiter tool and set it up you may follow the step given below:-

Step1 – Firstly, go to your browser and search for “Evillimiter Github” then open the first website coming in the search results and copy the code.

Step2 – Now paste that code into the Linux terminal by the first typing git clone in front of it…

Step3 – After installing the tool, go inside the directory where you have saved it and then enter the folder of the evillimiter tool by typing this command – ( cd evillimiter ).

Step4 – We have now installed the tool and we just have to fulfill its requirements by applying a command, after that we can open ” Evillimiter ” from anywhere in our terminal. Type this command in your terminal – ( sudo python3 setup.py install ).

Step5 – Once our requirements installation is complete, we can run our tool from anywhere in our terminal by typing its name. If you get a permission denied error in the terminal that means you have to run evillimiter with sudo.

  • See the photo for a better understanding…
Copy From Here – sudo evillimiter

Step6 – After running the tool, you can see all the commands of the tool by writing the help command. You can see which command does what works in the chart given below –

scan (–range [IP range])scans for online hosts on your network.
required to find the hosts you want to limit.
e.g.: scan
scan –range
scan –range
hosts (–force)lists all scanned hosts.
contains host information, including IDs.
limit [ID1,ID2,…] [rate]
(–upload) (–download)
limits bandwith of host(s) (upload/download).
e.g.: limit 4 100kbit
limit 2,3,4 1gbit –download
limit all 200kbit –upload
block [ID1,ID2,…]
(–upload) (–download)
blocks internet access of host(s).
e.g.: block 3,2
block all –upload
free [ID1,ID2,…]unlimits/unblocks host(s).
e.g.: free 3
free all
add [IP] (–mac [MAC])adds the custom host to the host list.
mac resolved automatically.
e.g.: add
add –mac 1c:fc:bc:2d:a6:37
monitor (–interval [time in ms])monitors bandwidth usage of limited host(s).
e.g.: monitor –interval 600
analyze [ID1,ID2,…]
(–duration [time in s])
analyzes the traffic of host(s) without limiting to determine who uses how much bandwidth.
e.g.: analyze 2,3 –duration 120
watchdetects host reconnects with different IPs.
watch add [ID1,ID2,…]adds the host to the reconnection watchlist.
e.g.: watch add 3,4
watch remove [ID1, ID2,…]removes host from the reconnection watchlist.
e.g.: watch remove all
watch set [attr] [value]changes reconnect watch settings.
e.g.: watch set interval 120
clearclears the terminal window.
quitquits the application.

Blocking WiFi Speed with Evillimiter

Now we will know how to block the wifi speed of other users connected to your router with the help of the Evillimiter tool. Let’s get started.

So now you have first to see how many people are connected to your wifi but you can’t trace everyone so you have to run the scan command in your terminal to find out…

After scanning is complete, you can see how many people are connected to your router by typing the hosts command. But it will not show you their name, there will be only show the IP address of those people, so you have to first know the IP of your victim so that you can block him.

After finding your victim’s IP, you have to see the serial number of your victim’s IP in that IP chart which was made from the “hosts” command. Like our target’s IP is on ( number second ) then we will put no.2 with the block command.

Now your target device’s wifi speed will automatically turn off within 2 minutes and then he/she can’t use your wifi unless you type the free command with their serial number in your terminal…

So this was the evillimiter tool that allows you to fully analyze and control someone’s WiFi and much more. If you liked this blog, you can learn about more amazing tools by going to the section on hacking tools on our website.

Link of the Section https://reconcybersecurity.com/blog/category/hacking-tools/

“This tool is made by bitbrute…”

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