Sometimes we forget the passwords of our essential daily life things like social media, Gmail, and other such things too. But there are many ways to recover the password, one of which is to reset the password by sending OTP or text messages to the recovery Gmail or number. But what will you do if your account got hacked or you can’t log in? So there is also a way to recover such accounts, in this blog we will tell you how to recover a Facebook account with two methods.

Disclaimer – This blog is for educational purposes, please don’t use this education in the wrong way.

1. Reset Password with Gmail, Number

If you have forgotten your Facebook password and are not able to log in, then follow the steps given below:-

Step1 – First, go to Facebook’s login page and write your Facebook ID there, then click on ” Forgotten Password “.

  • After clicking on the “Forgotten password“, whatever you have used for your recovery will be shown on that page.

Step2 – Now you have to select one of those options and then click on the Continue button.

  1. If you have selected recovery with Gmail, then you must have received a message from Facebook on your Gmail. In that, you will get the option to change your Facebook password.
  1. If you have selected the option to send a text message on the mobile number, then a code will appear on your notification bar. Fill it in the place where it is asking on the Facebook page.

This is a simple and easy method to recover a Facebook account if a user has forgotten his password. You can also do the same process on the Facebook app on your phone if you want to.

2. Compromised Facebook Account Recovery

If you can’t find your Facebook account and someone is using it without your permission, then know how to retrieve your account and secure it by following these steps:-

Step1 – First of all search on your browser, “Report Compromised Account” then click on the first link that will come in the search results. You can either go to the website by this link –

Step2 – Now you can see a button called My Account is Compromised on that website, press that button.

Step3 – After pressing that button, you will be asked for entering your email or phone number in the given box.

Step4 – After writing it, your ID will be shown there and if it is your ID, then you will be asked to enter the current or old password.

Step5 – Now put your current password and move forward. But if you do not know your current password, then put the old one and change it with the recovery process.

Step6 – After doing all these things you will be given some issue options, so you can choose any of them.

Step7 – Now Facebook will do a Security Checkup for you, after that you can access your account, so start it.

Step8 – Our Security Checkup has been done, and now we are redirected to the Facebook page. Click on continue and change the password as we have done.

  • After this, there are only two more steps that you can do by yourself. In the first one, you have to remove the unknown number, which you did not put for recovery because that number can be someone else.

How to Secure Facebook Account?

After getting access to your Facebook account, first of all, go to settings then go to security and log in. Here you have to see who else has your id login on another device and if the other device is not yours then log it out.

We have logged out the other person from our account, now we have to take care of these few things if we want to keep our account secure –

  • Never tell your personal information to anyone.
  • Keep an eye on the logged-in users on your account.
  • Use Strong passwords while signing up on any platform.
  • Use Two-Factor authentication where you have an option for it.

These are some of the methods which you can use when your account gets compromised…

If you have any problem with our blog so you can comment to us and we will try to fix it…

Made By Yash Choudhary

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