Learn how to use Angry IP Scanner

In this blog we learn How to use Angry IP Scanner 2023.If you’re a network administrator or just an average person looking to hack networks, many tasks come along with the job. Some will require you to find either open ports or allocated IP addresses. One of the best tools for carrying out these tasks is the Angry IP Scanner download. Whether it’s hacking your home network -allowing you to quickly scan and find the device-, assigning static IP addresses, or troubleshooting connection issues- this tool has got it all! So without further adieu, let me show you how easy it is to use an Angry IP Scanner here in this beginner’s guide.

What does Angry IP Scanner do

It helps you to scan a range of IP addresses to find live hosts or open ports among others. However, the process is similar for the Mac and Linux variants as well.

Scanning hosts using Angry IP Scanner

How to use Angry IP Scanner 2023

Once downloaded and installed, locate the program in the menu bar. This way, you’ll be able to view its home screen which is quite simplistic at a glance. When operating an Angry IP scanner, by default it will take your local IP address range and the device name generated by your PC as the hostname.

There are three different ways to use Angry IP Scanner, including scanning a specific range you specify, scanning one random IP address, or a list of IP addresses from a text file.

As you can see from the below image, the Angry IP Scanner will only include default fetchers like Ping and Hostname. However, there are other fetchers available for gathering more information about an IP address. To do that, go under Tools> Fetchers.

Here, you can see what Fetchers are currently running or waiting to run (left pane), and which Fetchers are available for use (right pane). Add a Fetcher by selecting it from the list on the right-hand side of this window, then click the button next to it which resembles an equal sign. Clicking less than in my case has given me new fetches that include Mac Address, NetBIOS Info, Filtered Ports, Web Detects – just about anything I could imagine needing!

Moreover, the Angry IP Scanner will only tell whether the ports are open or not. It will not list the open individual ports. To find out this information, you have to configure it through Tools and then select Preferences.

Here, select the desired ports you would like to scan under Ports and proceed to check off any of the boxes listed. I scanned my computer for port 80 and port 443; however, if you wish to scan a range of ports, there are numbers listed below those two values that correspond with the range 1-1000. Once you have selected which box(es) you would like to include in your search, click on OK at the bottom right corner of this page so it will register this change.

To start, set the scan mode to IP Range, enter the IP address range in the IP address fields and then click on the button Start. For instance, I’ve entered an IP range that has known live devices connected to it.

Depending on how many IP addresses are scanned in the range, it could take some time to complete. When completed, the application will display a summary of the results. This includes the number of live hosts as well as those that have access ports open. To close this window simply press Close.

Once you close the summary window, you will see the list of all active IP addresses.
In case you are wondering, here’s what the colored dots next to each active IP address mean.

Red: The IP address is inactive, dead or there is no device connected to this active IP address.

Blue: This usually will be your IP Address.

Green: The IP address is active, and the device connected to it is responding to the requests made by the Angry IP Scanner. There may also be open ports.

By double-clicking on any IP address, Angry IP Scanner will show you all the details that it has gathered in a concise pop-up window. You can also add your comments in the blank field at the bottom of this small screen.

To do that, right-click on the IP address and select Copy Details. This action will copy information from all the fetchers. Alternatively, you can also select the IP and press Ctrl+C

Apart from copying the details of an IP address, you can also perform a variety of different activities on it. You can open an IP address in the web browser or do an FTP or trace its routing for example if you want to traceroute an IP address simply right-click on it and select Open then choose Traceroute.

Once you are done scanning an IP address or the IP address range, you can export all of your findings’ From the drop-down click on Export All.

To save this text file, enter its name and select a location. Then press the save button at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Now, if you are going to scan this IP address or range in the future, then you should add it to your favorites. This will eliminate the need to re-enter the IP addresses every time. To do that, go to Favorites and choose to Add current.

Name your favorite “FILE” and click ok to save.

All you need to do is scan an IP Address or range again if you wish to. It couldn’t be simpler than selecting the Favorite lists of IP Addresses in the Favorites menu.

Closing Thoughts

Angry IP Scanner is a simple yet very useful tool when you want to quickly scan a large number of IP addresses and ports. It has no complicated settings, and it’s highly user-friendly for beginners. As soon as you get comfortable with the app, you’ll be able to perform other network tasks like assigning static IPs to your devices or blocking people out of your Wi-Fi network. Hope this helped! If you have any questions or difficulties, feel free to contact me on Twitter.

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