Exploring the Various Tools of Aircrack-Ng for Wi-Fi Security

A widely used piece of software for Wi-Fi network security is Aircrack-Ng. This software has a large number of tools. This program is referred to be a collection of security-related technologies for Wi-Fi networks. This software primarily works with Linux distributions. This implies that the Aircrack-Ng can run on many Linux distributions. There are, however, other operating systems outside Linux releases that can manage the Aircrack-Ng. One such example is the Windows operating system. For Wi-Fi monitoring, Aircrack-Ng is employed. The data can be exported to a text file for monitoring purposes as well. Another tool used for testing is Aircrack-Ng. It is used to determine whether or not the Wi-Fi cards are functioning correctly.

For mobile users, there is a specific program called Termux. The Termux is comparable to terminals, which are a part of any operating system. Installing Termux on an Android device is possible. One of the Linux distributions utilized by the Android operating system is Termux. This serves as the Android mobile’s terminal. On the mobile phone itself, users can install and use other software by using this program. One Linux environment is implemented in smartphones using Termux. Users must first install Termux on the computer before installing the Aircrack-Ng. Users can then continue.

Use the Aircrack-Ng tool

Aircrack-Ng is a cross-platform tool available for Windows, Linux, and other operating systems, although it is mainly used in Linux distributions. It provides users with a monitor mode for scanning and detecting nearby wireless networks. It encrypts packets for added security when monitoring, and is also capable of communicating with access points while in operation. This powerful tool can operate quickly due to its ability to oppose access points, making it a much faster solution compared to similar applications.

Installing Aircrack-Ng on Termux.

Step 1: users should launch the Termux app. Subsequently, execute the necessary command which prepares the repository required for installing Aircrack-Ng. This process may take a few moments to finish; thus, one must remain patient until it’s finished.

Step 2: Once the repository is prepared for the setup, users need to execute the given command in Termux to successfully install Aircrack-Ng. The procedure may require some patience, however, it is ultimately worth the wait.

Step 3: Following the successful installation of Aircrack-Ng, the next step is to execute a command. This command is needed to include the dependency for the Aircrack-Ng, thus completing the set up and locking in any changes. It may also be seen as a finishing command for the installation procedure.

Step 4: After the fourth step of the installation, users can use the specified command to check the network speed, indicating that Aircrack-Ng has been installed successfully and can monitor the speed of the network.

utilized of Aircrack-Ng Tool

Example 1: To monitor networks

Note: The Aircrack-Ng utility has a dedicated domain for monitoring purposes. In this situation, all active networks can be watched. Because of this, users must take specific actions. The data will be delivered in a specified format by the Aircrack-Ng program. Users are advised to be familiar with computer networking. If not, users will consider the Aircrack-Ng utility to be useless.

Step 1: Users must first perform a command to use Aircrack-Ng as a monitoring tool. This command aids in the installation of a dependency required for monitoring. Users are installing the “tsu” dependent in this instance by executing this command. Users must enter the following command to accomplish it.

Step 2: Once the dependency is successfully installed in Aircrack-Ng, it can be used to monitor networks. To do so, users should enter the following command, which will provide an output with various network configurations. Understanding this output requires a solid understanding of Computer Networks.

Example 2: To Detect Networks

Note: The primary purpose of Aircrack-Ng is network detection. With it, users will gain access to confidential information on present networks. However, this information is not available when using the tool for monitoring purposes. Therefore, users need to have an understanding of computer networking before using Aircrack-Ng. Otherwise, it will be an inefficient use of the tool. Additionally, it should only be utilized for educational purposes.

Step 1: In this instance, an additional dependency must be installed for the tool to effectively detect networks. This dependency is known as a “tool” and requires the execution of a specific command. The process will take a period to complete.

Step 2: After completing the installation process of the dependency, it is necessary to configure the Aircrack-Ng tool. To do so, users must run the command stated below. Although no output will be displayed, it is an important step to detect networks.

Step 3: In the final step, it is necessary to execute the given command. This will make all the sensitive information of the current networks accessible. To retrieve this data, knowledge of Computer Networks is mandatory.

With this, we have successfully applied the Aircrack-Ng tool to detect networks.


Aircrack-Ng is a widely used software for making changes to a Wi-Fi-related network. This powerful suite of tools is used for monitoring and testing purposes, and it can be installed on Linux Distributions. As Termux is a Linux Distribution existing on the Android platform, it is suitable for the installation of Aircrack-Ng. In this article, the features of the tool and the installation process of Aircrack-Ng in Termux are explored, and commands necessary to complete the process are listed, alongside their corresponding output screenshots. Furthermore, this article offers a step-by-step overview of using the Aircrack-Ng tool with further screenshots of the output.

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