Today we are going to tell you what is ethical hacking and what is meant to be an ethical hacker, how many types of hackers are there, and what are the concepts of it. Your all doubts will be clear now and if someone will ask you that what is an ethical hacker so you can give the answer easily. So let’s start!

Defination of Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking means gaining access to a system, server, or anything connected over the internet by finding vulnerabilities in it but legally. Hacking can be used in different ways because there is a word attached with hacking which is Ethical which means work done by someone in a legal or you can say in a right way. But on the opposite side, there is non-ethical hacking which is done by someone in an illegal way and for bad purposes…

Disclaimer: If you do hacking in a wrong way(illegally) or for bad purpose so you can be arrested by police in the case of cyber crime 😧…

What is an Ethical Hacker ?

An ethical hacker is a hacker who does hacking in a legal way, they are cyber security experts and know everything about hacking in their fields. Many big business men’s or rich people hire hackers for finding vulnerabilities in their servers or in their websites and ask that how they can patch those vulnerabilities then give a big amount of money to the hacker, It is also known as Bug Bounty and you probably know about it because it is a famous part of hacking.

Social Media is the biggest target of hackers or bug bounty hunters because there are high percentages to get vulnerabilities in their websites and owners of that social app give more money than anyone can…

Even government hires hackers for some purposes like if they want to gather information of their enemies or for defending their data from breaching or compromising by other countries…

Tips: If you know there is a vulnerability called Log4j, nowadays this vulnerability is being a very big problem for all the people who have any website over the internet and even the search engines have to compromise with it.

How Ethical Hackers Different from Bad Hackers ?

Ethical Hackers(White Hat) are those hackers who stay loyal to everyone and never do anything wrong to someone for their own advantage. They use their knowledge for securing the internet and making the users’ data safe and secure from being hacked. Today, if we are using the internet safely and privately, is because of Ethical Hackers.

Ethical hackers are important for an organization or any big company for saving their data from malicious hackers because malicious hackers can leak important things of an organization in media and that’s why people have the chance of criticizing government and organizations. Anonymous group is the biggest enemy of all the governments in the world because they used to expose corrupt governments but in the wrong way…

Bad hackers(Black Hat) are the hackers who gain unauthorized access to someone’s system and do malicious things in it. They use their knowledge for bad purposes or for their advantage, for being a black hat hacker there are several reasons and one of them is for revenge. They didn’t want to use their knowledge to help in improving the internet…

The malicious hackers have a big hand in data breaches, denial-of-service attacks, financial loss, crashing servers for only fun. These are the thing a bad hacker does or has done in the past.

How Many Types of Hackers ?

There are many types of Hackers from which we will discuss only three because these are the main types of hackers and the rest of the parts came under these three.

  1. Black Hat Hackers
  2. White Hat Hackers
  3. Gray Hat Hackers
  4. Script Kiddes
  5. Sucide Hackers etc.

As you know black hat hackers do hacking for malicious purposes and white hats does hacking for secure things from black hat hackers. Gray hat hackers do both things, they hack someone without their permission and then ask victims to give the money for not leaking their data…

How You Can be an Ethical Hacker ?

For being an Ethical hacker the following skills and certifications are necessary –

  • It is necessary to have basic knowledge about internet and how computer works.
  • You have to know about any one language because it is neccessary for knowing that how the backend services run.
  • Solid Knowlege of networking ( Routers, ethernet, cables, etc ) that how they work.
  • A good knowlege of linux commands.

These are some following basic skills that are necessary to have if you want to become an ethical hacker or if you are interested in hacking…

Scope In Ethical Hacking

There is a high scope of being in the Ethical Hacking field because this is the field where you can gain knowledge about the coming future. Yes! this is the coming future’s reality because in the future everybody even the kids will know about technology more than you. So this is the time when you can learn about technology and didn’t have to regret for not learning it in future…

An ethical hacker’s salary starts from $150,000 and can go up to $500,000 if you will be professional in it. So now you cannot say that there is no scope in hacking because now you know it. There is a line which we want to apply here is “We have to learn how to rob for saving ourselves from being robbed 👆” this line applies to the hackers also…

If you have any problem with our blog so you can comment to us we will try to fix it.

– Yash Choudhary

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