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We are here to discover the world of Cybersecurity Blogs, in this case, how to hide messages within Audio and Image files. Not only is this trick simple, but it can also come in handy for a variety of uses; for instance, sending sensitive data securely without anyone else being able to access it, using it in Capture the Flag competitions, or when you need to talk to your significant other without your parents snooping.

Embed Messages in an Audio File

To conceal messages within Audio files, we need software known as “Hiddenwave” which can be found on GitHub and can easily be downloaded.

To embed a message and crack the message using Python scripts, the very first requirement is a “.wav” file (a type of audio file).

The instruction to encode messages inside an Audio file is

I have obtained the output file (vulndetox.wav) and will be sharing it with anyone through social media platforms like WhatsApp or through e-mail.

Now the second person will download the file and, by using another Python script named “”, extract the secret message hidden inside.

Embed Messages in an Image File

To learn how to conceal messages in an Image file, we must first understand what is known as “EXIF data”. This information includes things such as camera type, pixel size, file name, and various other facts. We can hide our comment data within this EXIF data by downloading the aptly named tool, “ExifTool“.

Once it is set up, you can simply execute it by typing “ExifTool” in your terminal.

Instead of “Comment”, any value of your choosing can be utilized to bring forth the concealed meaning of this message when sent to a different individual.

I have transmitted this via Whatsapp, however, you may use any other method you desire. Be aware that, with certain apps, sensitive EXIF data such as location could be eliminated. After it is downloaded, he will be able to extract the data by utilizing ExifTool.

You have effectively embedded the picture in the image file.

Today is done, let’s see each other in my next blog post!

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