Today you are going to be very excited because today you are going to see your Instagram followers be increasing without doing anything and not just your followers, You can do anything by only typing commands for example the people who use a particular hashtag which you had written will follow you and many more things. And this going to be true with the help of a tool called IGtool (Instagram tool). So let’s start!

If you are thinking that you can increase unlimited followers by this so you can but with some patience, because If you use this tool again and again so the Instagram can ban you. So beware of that and use this tool one time a day then use it on another day.

Note: If you will get banned from your Instagram so it’s your fault, not ours.


So first, this tool is not on Github because the author of this tool doesn’t post this tool on GitHub. So you have to go on this link which we provide to download it. Click The link – ( ).

After downloading the zip file you have to extract it then it will ask you for the password. So copy the password from here and paste it into the box. Password – [ plug123 ].

Now after extracting the tool come into your terminal and go to your tool directory. There is another folder in the tool’s folder so you have to go inside that directory also. Look in the image!

Now you have to type two commands to execute the tool:-

  1. Command: sudo apt install nodejs
  2. Command: nodejs index.php


The second command is to run the tool so remember this command. Now after the tool is open, there are many options that you can try they all work very well. We will show you the 4th option which is “Follow Followers Target by Hashtag”. With this option, you can type a hashtag that you want and the tool will follow people who use that particular hashtags.

Note: If you are thinking that you will gain followers in a second so that is not possible. The work of the tool is that it will follow genuine people and there is a 99% chance that most of the people will follow back to you. This is how you will gain followers then no one can say that it is fake followers.

Now go to the 4th option by your arrow keys and hit enter. Then it will ask you for your username and password just type your Instagram user and pass and, after that write the hashtag which you want but without Hashtag(#) sign. We are typing “Hacking” in the hashtag and you can type anything.

And it will also ask you for the account delay time and the sleep time. You just type what we type in our image!

Now you just relax and reload the page again and again after some time you will see your followers increasing. We tested this on our personal Instagram id and it really worked 😃. Here in the image, you can see the difference between followers after running the tool.



In this case, our private account had 16 followers and after running the tool we reach 45 followers. So you can see the difference between both images. Now you can enjoy your success!

If you have any problem with our blog so you can comment to us we will try to fix it.

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