Hacking, though mistakenly believed to be synonymous with criminal activities and malicious attempts at security violations, is an array of activities in which the participants use distinct techniques. One such method is called Ethical Hacking (also known as white-hat hacking), whereby skilled experts on cyber-security are employed by organizations to penetrate their systems to discover potential flaws and weak spots before any real damage can occur. To aid these professionals in executing penetration testing operations efficiently and quickly, they leverage sophisticated tools such as Acunetix’s vulnerability scanners. This helps them attain rapid results that would prove beneficial to their employers or clients.

Acunetix is a vulnerability scanner that specializes in swiftly and extensively auditing thousands of web application vulnerabilities. Cross-site Scripting, SQL Injection, and web server security are just some of the tests it can perform to ensure ethical hackers, developers, and other stakeholders have the proper tools and integrations for recognizing and responding to web application threats before they are taken advantage of. Through a reworked crawler/scanner with finely-tuned test cases designed for speediness, Acunetix delivers results fast. Despite its efficacy, however, manual pen testing by an experienced specialist takes too long and costs too much while also providing only short-term security evaluation (without running protection tools continuously). Thankfully, automated pen testing programs like Acunetix help companies efficiently analyze their web application safety at low cost – with even more convenience given that ongoing evaluations can be achieved quickly across multiple hundreds or thousands of apps.

Leverage Innovative Technology to Explore Every Possibility

Security teams can leverage the Acunetix web vulnerability scanner to automatically detect potential misconfigurations and threats in web applications. Moreover, Acunetix’s support for modern single-page applications (SPAs) is superior compared to other software solutions. It can comprehend JavaScript frameworks such as React, Angular, Ember, and Vue which allows for an effective evaluation of a vast array of apps – ranging from legacy techs to contemporary ones built using cutting-edge tools.

Speed and Agility Are Not Opposites

With its newly-enhanced core and highly improved crawler, Acunetix has been rigorously fine-tuned to guarantee blazing speeds when running scans on hundreds of thousands of web pages. Plus, the feature allowing users to pause scans mid-way through and later continue where they left off proves useful during time-boxed ethical hacking tests or those scanning humongous applications. Additionally, users may incorporate Acunetix findings into top web application firewalls (WAFs) such as Imperva SecureSphere, F5 Big-IP ASM, and Citrix WAF. It is even possible to integrate with other penetration testing software like PortSwigger Burp Suite for more complex security assessments if needed.

Streamlined Reporting and Seamless Integration of Issue Trackers

Keeping ethical hackers up-to-date with reporting and staying synchronized is often tedious, time-consuming work. Acunetix simplifies this process by providing instant generation of a variety of technical, regulatory, and compliance reports such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, OWASP Top 10, etc. Furthermore, users can export the discovered vulnerabilities to external issue trackers like Atlassian Jira, GitHub, GitLab, MantisBugzilla, or Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) so that hackers and developers have one centralized place to communicate their progress. This way there is no need to manually search through PDFs for data or switch tools when needed.

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