Attacks known as “cryptojacking” are becoming more frequent as cybercriminals come up with creative new ways to hack into systems and use them to mine bitcoins. ingcryptocurrenciesThe use of cryptos, which can encrypt harmful payloads and make them challenging to detect and, is one such strategy. Oracle WebLogic servers have recently been the target of cryptojacking attacks using a new type of cryptography dubbed ScrubCrypt. We will talk about ScrubCrypt in this blog and how it functions in various attacks.

Classify ScrubCrypt

Malicious payloads are encrypted using ScrubCrypt, a kind of C, making them more difficult to identify and examine. It is a brand-new variety of c that uses cutting-edge methods to avoid detection and get around security measures. Cybercriminals can distribute their payloads unnoticed by using ScrubCrypt in combination with other malware, which is how it was intended to be used.

How ScrubCrypt Operates

Obfuscation is a technique that ScrubCrypt analyzes uses to conceal its code and avoid being discovered. Obfuscation is the process of making code challenging to read, comprehend, analyze, and detect. ScrubCrypt uses a variety of obfuscation methods to make its code as challenging to decipher as possible.

String encryption is one of the strategies employed by ScrubCrypt. This method entails encrypting every string in the code, making it challenging to decipher its intended purpose. Code splitting, another technique used by ScrubCrypt, entails breaking the code up into different files and encrypting each one separately. This makes a comprehensive analysis of the code more challenging.

ScrubCrypt also employs a method known as code virtualization. This entails translating the code into a different language, making analysis more challenging. ScrubCrypt executes its code on a virtual machine, making it more challenging to find and decipher.

How Cryptojacking Attacks Utilize ScrubCrypt:

Attacks utilizing crypto jack that target Oracle WebLogic servers use ScrubCrypt. Because Oracle WebLogic is a well-liked platform for launching enterprise applications, hackers frequently attack it. Cybercriminals get access to in WebLogic servers by taking advantage of flaws in such systems to launch the assaults. They employ ScrubCrypt to deliver their payloads covertly after they acquire access.

ScrubCrypt frequently sends malware for mining cryptocurrencies as payloads. The program mines crypto-jack like Bitcoin and Monero using the compromised servers’ processing capacity. The servers may sluggish down or even crash due to the resource-intensive nature of the mining process.


Oracle WebLogic servers are the subject of c attacks using ScrubCrypt, a new kind of crypto. It employs cutting-edge strategies to avoid detection and make its code as challenging to decipher as possible. Cybercriminals obtain access to the WebLogic servers by using vulnerabilities to launch the attacks, and they employ ScrubCrypt to deliver their payloads covertly after that. The ScrubCrypt payloads are often cryptocurrency mining programs, which can be resource-intensive and slow down or crash the servers. Keep software updated and put in place robust security measures to defend against these assaults.

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