A USB Rubber Ducky looks just like a regular flash drive, but it is an HID device that can be used to secretly hack into computers and steal vital information or inject malicious payloads. What’s remarkable about this gadget is that most antiviruses and firewalls won’t detect it, since it registers as a human interface device.

HID Device

HID, short for Human Interface Devices, encompasses gadgets like a keyboard, mouse, and joystick which serve as an intermediary between the computer and humans. Consequently, the PC may have difficulty recognizing them as it considers them to be a type of interface.


USB Rubber Ducky is a powerful tool that enables hackers and penetration testers to quickly deploy keystrokes with malicious or non-malicious intent. This device is favored among its users due to the high speeds and evasive nature it offers when attacking vulnerable systems or automating processes. Such capabilities are highly valued by those who wish to save time during operations.


Connect the USB Rubber Ducky to any PC, and it’ll immediately act as a keyboard that sends keystrokes with maximum speed – up to 1000 words per minute. Payloads are instructions written in Ducky Script and uploaded onto the device, capable of completing all the same tasks a regular keyboard can do. Here is one simple payload example: With this handy little tool, complex operations can be done quickly and easily without much manual effort!


Any individual desiring to pilfer data from other machines simply has to enter commands into a rubber ducky, then attach it to the target’s computer. Immediately, the apparatus will carry out an instruction that steals the info in a split second. Known as Ducky Script, this payload is coded using Notepad and provides hackers with ample opportunity for thievery.

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