Hello everyone do you know how to do a Denial-of-Service attack (Dos attack). If you don’t know what a dos attack is so it is used to take down any website. In simple words, if you run this tool on a website it will slow down the website and in a few minutes the website will be crashed and then it will not open for a while. So let’s start!


⦁ So 1st go on your favorite browser and search “Xerxes download” you can see a website link from Github just click on this and copy the code from here. You can directly go by clicking on this link…

-> (https://github.com/XCHADXFAQ77X/XERXES)

⦁ Now open your terminal and clone this so type (git clone <your code>).

Note: Before cloning choose your destination where you have to save this…


Step1. After cloning type cd XERXES/

Step2. Now type ” ls “ you can see your file does not have permission to start so for giving permission type –

( sudo gcc -o xerxes xerxes.c )

– Maybe, now you are thinking that in the terminal we use chmod 777 commands for giving permission to any file then why we are using this code. So the tool which we are using is written in C language so we have to compile this before using it we hope you understand : )…

Step3. After that type ( sudo ./xerxes and your target website domain and port number of the service which use here )

If you have any problem with our blog so you can comment to us we will try to fix it.

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